149 - The clefted Rock
1 In the clefted Rock I hide,
Savior, let me here abide;
Sheltered from each stormy gale,
All secure within the vale.
Refrein Blessed Rock, on Thee I build,
Ever be my sun and shield;
Help me labor, watch, and pray,
Ready for the crowning day.
2 Tempest-tossed I came to Thee,
Precious shelter made for me;
Cleansed and purified from sin,
Thou didst freely take me in.
3 When the surging billows roll,
There's a calm within my soul;
While my trust in Thee is stayed,
I shall never be afraid.
4 Rock of safety—blest abode,
Hid away with Christ in God;
Nothing can I want beside,
For my soul is satisfied.
5 When this earthly house shall fall,
And my days are numbered all,
Then my house not made with hands,
Evermore in glory stands.
6 Then, dear Jesus, keep me hid,
That I e'er be found amid
Choicest jewels of Thy care,
When in glory I appear.

Tekst: Nancy Byers
Muziek: Andrew L. Byers
Schrift: Lucas 6:48