127 - Redeemed through the blood
1 I'm redeemed, I will proclaim it,
I'm redeemed by blood divine;
Now He seals me with His Spirit,
I am His and He is mine.
Refrein I'm redeemed, I'm redeemed through the blood (through the blood),
I will praise Him who brought me home to God;
With the ransomed my voice I will raise (I will raise),
Making vocal the earth with His praise (with His praise).
2 I'm redeemed, I love to tell it
To the world of sinners lost;
In the Savior's cleansing fountain
I was saved at boundless cost.
3 I'm redeemed, oh, wondrous story!
All my sins are washed away;
I am walking in the glory
Of a bright celestial day.
4 I'm redeemed, oh, hear it sounding
Through the valley, o'er the plain;
In His love my heart's abounding,
Cleansed from every sinful stain.

Tekst: Barney E. Warren
Muziek: Barney E. Warren
Schrift: Openbaring 1:5