110 - Thinking, Lord, of Thee
1 Alone in some secure retreat,
The sky o'ershadows me;
All nature smiles so soft and sweet,
I'm thinking, Lord, of Thee.
Refrein Thinking of Thee, O Lord, of Thee,
Musing on things above;
Till every chord within my soul
Is tuned with heav'nly love.
2 I see Thee in the lonely mount
In silent prayer for me;
Thy tears all night a flowing fount,
I'm thinking, Lord, of Thee.
3 I hear Thy deep and mournful sigh
In sad Gethsemane;
I see Thee on the reeking cross,
I'm thinking, Lord, of Thee.
4 Awaking from the silent tomb,
Thy risen form I see;
Thy saints awaiting Thee to come,
Are thinking, Lord, of Thee.

Tekst: Charles E. Orr
Muziek: Clarence E. Hunter
Schrift: Psalm 104:34