104 - Handle with care
1 Look out, little woman! Look out, little man!
Do be just as careful as ever you can,
For each of you carry a treasure too rare
To risk any trifling, so „Handle with care!”
Refrein Look out! (Look out!) Look out, little woman!
Look out (look out), little man!
2 Your soul is the treasure, and day after day
You choose which to follow: the straight or broad way;
So mind what comes nigh you, and heed where you go —
Your soul is eternal for weal or for woe.
3 The words of the Savior were „Come unto Me!”
So sweetly He spoke them in dear Galilee;
He wants us to serve Him with pure hearts, and true;
Then let us be careful in all that we do.

Tekst: Judith Garnett
Muziek: Charles H. Gabriel
Schrift: Matteüs 26:41