101 - God knows and He cares
1 If you should feel sad and dejected,
When no answer comes to your prayers,
And when it seems you are neglected,
Remember, God knows and He cares.
Refrein He knows and He cares,
He knows, He knows, He knows and He cares,
Your burden He bears;
Your burden He bears, your burden He bears;
He drank the whole cup,
While we take but one sup,
Your suff'ring He shares.
Your suff'ring He shares, He shares.
2 And when you get weary with toiling,
When no one your sore burden shares,
When evils your efforts are foiling,
Remember, God knows and He cares.
3 When confidence has become shaken,
You give Satan place unawares,
The Lord will not leave you forsaken,
He sees you, He knows and He cares.
4 When feelings of joy have subsided,
When sickness your health so impairs,
Don't fail in your trust, be decided;
God sees you and tests you, He cares.
5 See Christ in your furnace of trial,
„I'm with you alway,” He declares;
When suff'ring severe self-denial,
Remember, He knows and He cares.
(De in rood vermelde tekst is de tekst van de tegenzang.)

Tekst: Barney E. Warren
Muziek: Barney E. Warren
Schrift: 1 Petrus 5:7