91 - Everlasting Joy
1 Can the spirit of a mortal
Live beyond the reach of trouble?
Knowing not a painful struggle,
Ever joyful in the Lord?
Refrein Glory to my Savior's Name!
My Savior's Name, precious Name!
Walking on His holy plane;
His holy plane, holy plane;
Nothing can my peace disturb,
Free and happy as a bird,
Singing joyful praise evermore (evermore).
2 He who is our great salvation,
And our high and strong munition
Is to us a full fruition
Of His peace and endless joy.
3 I no trouble and no sorrow
See today, nor will I borrow
Gloomy visions for the morrow;
In my Jesus all is bright.
4 To my soul all grace is given,
And all gloom afar is driven,
Walking in the light of heaven,
All is everlasting peace.
5 Jesus bids be joyful ever;
He Himself, the wondrous Giver,
Flows within a constant river,
And my spirit must rejoice.
(De in rood vermelde tekst is de tekst van de tegenzang.)

Tekst: Daniel S. Warner
Muziek: Barney E. Warren
Schrift: Filippenzen 4:4