87 - Be strong and true
1 Be strong and valiant for the truth,
Resist the tempter's luring pow'r;
Shun all the avenues of sin,
And trust in God each day and hour.
Refrein Be strong, and firmly trust
Be strong, and firmly trust, will you firmly trust
In God through every test;
In God through every test, through every test;
Be true, and fearless stand
Be true, and fearless stand, will you fearless stand
And with His grace and strength be blest.
2 Cast not away the Arm of Strength
To yield unto the tempting throng;
For God is always strong and true
To help and keep us from the wrong.
3 He is our Rock, our Tower high,
And to the meek He giveth grace;
A shield He is to them that trust,
The joy of those who seek His face.
4 He will forsake you not He says,
But ever in your hearts abide,
And make you lie in pastures green;
In paths of pleasantness He'll guide.
(De in rood vermelde tekst is de tekst van de tegenzang.)

Tekst: Jennie McNicholas
Muziek: Clarence E. Hunter
Schrift: EfeziŽrs 6:10