56 - A mansion in glory
1 A mansion is waiting in glory,
My Savior has gone to prepare;
The ransomed who shine in its beauty,
Will dwell in that city so fair.
Refrein Oh, home above,
Oh, home above of peace and love,
I’m going to dwell in that home;
I’m going to dwell in that home above;
Oh, home of love,
Oh, will you seek a home above?
Get ready, poor sinner, and come.
2 A mansion of rest for the weary,
Who toil in the vineyard of love;
O sinner, believe, and be ready
To enter that mansion above.
3 A mansion where heavenly music
Enraptures the glorified throng;
They’re singing salvation, O sinner,
Come, join in that beautiful song.
4 A mansion where angels are waiting
To welcome the holy and true,
And when to the Savior low kneeling,
They’ll sing a sweet anthem for you.
5 A mansion unclouded by sorrow,
Undimmed by the pains of farewell,
Where all of earth’s pilgrims will gather,
With Christ in His glory to dwell.
(De in rood vermelde tekst is de tekst van de tegenzang.)

Tekst: Daniel S. Warner
Muziek: Barney E. Warren
Schrift: Johannes 14:2