29 - The gate ajar for me
1 There is a gate that stands ajar,
And through its portals gleaming
A radiance from the cross afar,
The Savior’s love revealing.
Refrein O depth of mercy! Can it be
That gate was left ajar for me?
For me (for me)? For me (for me)?
Was left ajar for me!
2 That gate ajar stands free for all
Who seek through it salvation;
The rich and poor, the great and small,
Of every tribe and nation.
3 Press onward, then, though foes may frown,
While mercy’s gate is open;
Accept the cross, and win the crown,
Love’s everlasting token.
4 Beyond the river’s brink we’ll lay
The cross that here is given,
And bear the crown of life away,
And love Him more in Heaven.

Tekst: Lydia O. Baxter
Muziek: Silas J. Vail
Nederlandse vertaling: Bundel Johan de Heer - lied 140 - Ik zie een poort wijd open staan
Schrift: Openbaring 21:25, 22:17