22 - Keep me, my Lord
1 Keep me in touch with Thee,
My blessed Lord;
Thine shall the glory be,
Mine the reward (the great reward);
Cover my soul with grace,
In that most holy place,
Till I shall see Thy face,
Keep me, my (blessed) Lord.
2 Lord, with Thy gentleness,
I would be great;
Blest with Thy holiness,
Be this my state (my blessed state);
To Thee my all resign,
Oh, let Thy will be mine,
In Thy great love divine,
Keep me, my (blessed) Lord.
3 Conquer my every foe,
While here I stay;
Unto the end Iíll go,
Let me not stray (from Thee away);
Down into nothingness,
Hid in Thy righteousness,
Firm in Thy faithfulness,
Keep me, my (blessed) Lord.
4 Oh, let Thy watchful eye,
Be over me;
Hear Thou my humble cry,
Coming to Thee (coming to Thee);
Guide Thou my steps aright,
Be Thou my song at night,
My theme and heartís delight,
Keep me, my (blessed) Lord.

Tekst: Barney E. Warren
Muziek: Barney E. Warren
Schrift: Psalm 25:20