21 - Forward, ever forward
1 Joyful we walk on the King’s highway,
Forward, ever forward;
High is our purpose and bright is the day,
Forward, ever forward.
All to our Lord we will gladly yield,
For by His Spirit our hearts are sealed;
In us His glory shall be revealed,
Forward, ever forward.
2 Christ, our Redeemer, shall lead the way
Onward, ever onward;
Nothing our progress to glory shall stay,
Onward, ever onward.
Facing the foe with an ardor high,
Plying our weapons till he must fly;
Vict’ry in Jesus shall be our cry,
Onward, ever onward.
3 Courage, then, brother, our way doth lie
Upward, ever upward;
On let us press to our home in the sky,
Upward, ever upward.
Crowns are awaiting us over there,
Glories unsullied that we may share;
Hasten to win all those treasures rare,
Upward, ever upward.
4 Sure shall our footsteps the pathway keep,
Trusting, ever trusting;
O’er the obstructions we boldly shall leap,
Trusting, ever trusting.
Then when the day of this world is done,
And in eternity life begun,
We shall remember that it was won
Trusting, ever trusting.

Tekst: Charles W. Naylor
Muziek: Andrew L. Byers
Schrift: Romeinen 8:37